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hOW arbitum bet WORKS?

COLLECTION – 3333 Tickets

Price – 0.0006 ETH (aRB)

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why On Arbitrum?

Arbitum Bet runs on the Arbitrum blockchain! Arbitrum is renowned for its exceptional efficiency and scalability, guaranteeing swift transactions. With Arbitrum’s strong security measures and decentralized structure, players can rely on the integrity of the platform. Through the fusion of Arbitrum’s capabilities and the AI technology, Arbitum Bet is leading the charge towards a fresh era of decentralized and transparent gaming.

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Reduced Fees

Arbitrum transactions occur off the main Ethereum blockchain, significantly lowering gas costs compared to deploying directly on Ethereum.


Faster Transactions

By taking transactions off the mainnet, Arbitrum offers much faster transaction speeds, improving user experience for your dApp.



Arbitrum inherits security from the Ethereum blockchain through a process called optimistic rollups, while validators secure the network.


how to buy ETH on Arbitrum L2?